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Osteovance® Matrix Plus
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Delivery Method: Fibers + Cancellous/Syringe

Sizes: 1cc, 2.5cc, 5cc, 10cc

Product Description

Origin Biologics premier Cortical Fiber offering reflects the characteristics of Osteovance® Processing Technology with the added component of cancellous granules. The addition of cancellous granules assists with:

  • Derived from 100% Human Tissue
  • Increased graft robustness that adds compression resistance
  • Enhanced graft visualization post procedure
  • Osteoconductive
  • Osteoinductive Potential – (the Osteovance® process has been validated to produce Osteoinductivity potential using the “gold standard” athymic nude rat assay)

Part numbers

Size Part number
1cc OMP-0001
2.5cc OMP-0025
5cc OMP-0050
10cc OMP-0100