About Us

Origin Biologics is re-inventing the Allograft Contract Manufacturing model to be more customer-centric, cost-effective and flexible.

In 2014, the Nevada Donor Network and Australian Biotechnologies began to investigate how they could enhance the gift of tissue donation. This partnership included a vision to build a state-of- the-art facility, whereby the Nevada Donor Network could honor their tissue donors and Australian Biotechnologies could bring tissue processing to the American community. As a result, Origin Biologics was formed.

Our extensive experience in allograft processing, and the support of several tissue procurement organizations, will allow for the immediate processing of up to 100,000 allografts (1,600 donors per/annum), on completion of our new facility in Q4,2019.

We are focused on providing the highest quality musculoskeletal implants that will accelerate and restore the biological and mechanical functionality of diseased, degenerative and trauma induced orthopedic and spinal defects. As a result, we will be seeking partnerships with spinal and orthopedic device companies to develop and contract manufacture allograft implants.

Musculoskeletal tissue manufacturing begins with the lasting gift of human cell and tissue donation. In a family’s darkest hour, this gift can make a huge impact. A single tissue donation can enhance and improve the lives of up to 50 recipients.

A total of fifty-eight (58) registered Organ Procurement Organizations (OPO’s) are currently responsible for honoring these donors’ wishes for transplant and/or medical research. Consenting donors, their next-of-kin and a rigorous screening process overseen by the Federally mandated donation program, allow human cell, tissue and cellular and tissue-based products (HCT/P’s) to be produced.

Origin Biologics is fully operational, in Las Vegas, Nevada. Our 22,000 ft2 manufacturing and distribution center provides the highest quality musculoskeletal implants to precise specifications, using agile manufacturing platforms. These platforms decrease time and cost to market while providing excellent clinical outcomes.

Regulatory Compliance with all federal, state, local and international agencies

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